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On the clever Flintstone House defense

(Automated translation by Google)

The former “San Francisco Observer” publisher, the famous overseas Chinese compatriot Florence Fang purchased in 2017, the “Flintstone House” courtyard at 45 Berryessa Way violated the defendant incident, Florence Fang A defense was made yesterday and a counter-suit will be filed.

Yesterday morning, Florence Fang held a press conference accompanied by her lawyer and former San Francisco City Council Chair Angela Alioto and “Smart Buddy” architect William Nicholson. At the beginning of the month, the Town of Hillsborough filed a complaint against the approval of the permit or the large-scale modification of the courtyard of the house.

Attorney Alioto first spoke: “Florence Fang is fighting back.” The property owner is not Florence Fang, but Flintstone LLC. Florence Fang should not be the defendant in the lawsuit filed by Hillsborough City. Alioto said that Florence Fang will file a lawsuit against the city and file a lawsuit against the state and the federal government. Alioto said that Florence Fang was building her dreams and homes. She had no complaints from neighbors but was accused by the city. She asked: Is this really about the dinosaurs in the courtyard and the cartoon figures in “Smart Dumb”? Or is this about treating the party in a different way? Because Fang has a dream, or is it because the party is Chinese? Alioto said: “These are serious issues that will be mentioned in the anti-litigation. I want to state that Florence Fang has complied with every requirement required by the (city).”

Florence Fang began to renovate her courtyard in 2017 after purchasing the property visible from Highway 280 for 2.8 million yuan, including erecting a group of five dinosaur sculptures and writing a cartoon “Smart Buddy” (also known as “Modern Primitives” “) The slogan of the male protagonist “Yabba Dabba Doo”. According to the complaint submitted by the City Council to the court on March 13, Florence Fang was accused of carrying out other related improvement works without proper planning approval or building permit. The Building Inspection Bureau issued multiple copies to Fang Tai from December 2017 to August 2018. Notice of suspension of work, but the party is too disregarded. The City described the property as “public nuisance”.

Fang Tai, 85, said at a press conference that she is a good resident and citizen of the city, abiding by regulations and hoping to enjoy a peaceful and happy retirement. Fang Tai said that she did not ignore the city regulations and had a building permit to improve the project. When Fang Tai was informed that she was accused by the city, she was negotiating with the city for 44 times. Regarding the permit, Florence Fang said that the front yard had obtained a permit. She had asked the city officials about the improvement approval of the backyard. The official said that as long as the people on the street could not see the backyard, they did not need a permit. Fang Tai mentioned to the Chinese media that she has made corrections to every request put forward by the municipal government, but every time she corrects, she has new requirements, “Never End.” As for being discriminated against, Fang is not making assumptions, but he has this feeling. “No one can deceive the public.” Mr. Tai is very grateful to local, national and world supporters for encouraging her to encourage her to tide over the difficulties

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