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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

San Francisco Jury Finds Andrews International Illegally and Maliciously Called Plaintiff a G-D Terrorists: Historic Verdict

SAN FRANCISCO , CA–January 23, 2012. A San Francisco Jury found Andrews International liable for Religious Discrimination, Failure to Investigate Illegal Discrimination, Malice and Wrongful Termination in Violation of Public Policy based on Religion, Race and National Origin.

The Plaintiff, Abas Idris, is a Muslim American of Eritrean Ancestry born in Saudi Arabia. He was hired in 2007 to guard the Letterman Digital Art Center in San Francisco’s Presidio. As a security officer at Andrews international he was accused of being a “G-D Terrorist, you can’t trust Al Qaeda”. He was asked by his superior, “Are you a Muslim?” When he responded “yes” his superior went on a tirade about how “Muslims kill all people”. When he complained he was called a “rat with an agenda”. Defendant Andrews International Vice President ratified the illegal acts with malice, the jury found. The Jury awarded the Plaintiff Abas Idris $65.460 thousand dollars in past and future wages and $400.000 in punitive damages, plus attorney fees and costs. The trial lasted 6 weeks in Judge A. James Robertson II’s courtroom, San Francisco Superior.

Plaintiff’s attorney, Angela Alioto, was elated with the result. “This is an historic verdict for all religions, especially for Islam, being called a terrorist and a murderer because of one’s religion is outrageous and totally unacceptable in the United States of America, and that’s what this jury said loud and clear”.
The defendants were represented by Ms. Evelina Serafini, and Madonna Herman of Manning and Kass, San Francisco and Los Angeles offices.

    Wednesday, December 19, 2007

    McIntyre, et al. v. Lennar Corporation

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA. – Three employees of Lennar Corporation, the company developing the Hunters Point Shipyard, filed a whistle blower lawsuit in San Francisco Superior Court on March 16, 2007, alleging that they suffered retaliation after reporting asbestos dust exposure and racial discrimination. Specifically, Lennar and its subcontractors failed to contain asbestos dust while drilling into the Shipyard site, endangering the local community, including the school children of the neighboring Muslim University. When Plaintiffs complained to their managers about the asbestos exposure, they were told to maintain a “code of silence” and ordered not to inform the community that the asbestos monitoring equipment was faulty. Said Plaintiffs attorney, Angela Alioto, “this is environmental racism. Lennar is making a profit while polluting a minority community.” Lennar’s misconduct continued despite multiple citations from the San Francisco Department of Public Health and approximately 15 shutdowns when asbestos reached dangerous levels. Plaintiffs further allege systematic discrimination and harassment against African-American employees, subcontractors and consultants.

      Friday, November 02, 2007

      Beverly et al vs. B. R. Funsten / Tom Duffy Company et al

      Hangman’s Noose In The Workplace Causes Eight African Americans To Sue B.R. Funsten & Company / Tom Duffy Company Over Racial Discrimination.

      SAN FRANCISCO, CA. – Eight African Americans filed a Racial Discrimination and Harassment lawsuit against B.R. FUNSTEN & COMPANY / TOM DUFFY COMPANY in San Francisco Superior Court on September 10, 2007 (Case # CGC-07-467025).

      The Complaint states ongoing Racial Discrimination and Harassment by B.R. FUNSTEN & COMPANY/ TOM DUFFY COMPANY and its Managers and Supervisors against the EIGHT PLAINTIFFS. After months of complaints of racial harassment at the workplace, Manager Defendant Buikema on November 7, 2006, had a Hangman’s Noose on his desk When the African American employees would be in the room the Manager would threaten them with “put your head in the noose”.

      On November 30th, 2006 the Manager hung the noose up in front of a portrait of his family. The Human Resource Director told the plaintiffs that “it was just a joke” and “he didn’t mean it”. After the reporting of the Hangman’s Noose, a sham investigation took place and the manager and the Director of Human Resources were not disciplined. Since then, four of the plaintiffs have been terminated.

      Human Resource Manager Anne Pearson also responded that they should not “blow this out of proportion” and that they should “not have taken offense to the Noose hanging up there.” She also stated to Plaintiff Bryant and Plaintiff Bradford that she saw the Noose the day before in Manager Buikema’s office, and she did nothing about it.

      Said Plaintiffs’ attorney, Angela Alioto: “People ask me all the time if this type of racial behavior is really happening in the State of California today. It is so inconceivable that such hatred would be so blatant, but it is and it will not be tolerated anymore. This employer is stunningly arrogant in its belief that this type of racial behavior would go unnoticed. I am sure that the jury will send them a loud and clear message that it simply is not acceptable in America today. These are eight brave men who the Defendant Company never thought would stand up for their rights…well, they are wrong.”

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