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Gavin Newsom Filled His First 100 Days As California Governor With Splashy Announcements. Not All Are As Bold As They Appeared.

During his first 100 days as California’s 40th governor, Gavin Newsom has grabbed a lot of headlines.

In some cases, the substance of Newsom’s announcements has yet to match the sizzle.

He canceled California’s high-speed rail project. Except, he didn’t. A closer look in the days that followed revealed that Newsom didn’t really change too much.

He pulled the California National Guard off the Mexico border. Well, almost. He left about a third of the troops at the border to fight drug smuggling.

He cut the Delta Tunnels water project in half, from two to one, which former Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration was already floating.

And he placed a moratorium on the death penalty, even though California hasn’t executed anyone since 2006.

In an interview this week with Capital Public Radio, Newsom said he’s sparking “overdue healthy conversations that add a little bit more nuance and specificity.”

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