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‘Flintstone House’ Owner Files Discrimination Lawsuit Against Hillsborough

The owner of the iconic “Flintstone House” in San Mateo County has filed a cross-complaint against the town of Hillsborough, alleging race discrimination and violation of the Fair Housing Act, according to court documents obtained by KPIX 5.

The owner of the home, Florence Fang announced last month she was planning to file a lawsuit against the city, alleging the city infringed on her first amendment rights of freedom of speech when it filed suit describing Fang’s home at 45 Berryessa Way as a “highly visible eyesore” and a “public nuisance.”

The counter lawsuit was filed at the San Mateo County courthouse Wednesday. It alleges Hillsborough city officials discriminated against Fang because of her ethnicity, actively worked to deny her right to build on her property, and wrongly enforced building codes that she claims do not apply to her property.

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