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Flintstone house: Take a look inside as California owner prepares for fight


The showdown between Florence Fang’s “Flintstone House” and the city of
Hillsborough appears set.

Fang’s attorney, Angela Alioto, said they expect to file a response to the
city’s “public nuisance” lawsuit next week. She also says they plan to file
a cross complaint.

Alioto declined to discuss legal aspects of the case during an open house
Monday as media toured the iconic home visible to motorists on Interstate

But she did credit Fang for saving the property in 2017. “The house was
vacant for two years, it could have really been a true eyesore, really a
true nuisance. It could have been boarded up,” said Alioto.

“And here Mrs. Fang comes along and makes it into her dream. Read the full story