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Listen to the podcast episode with Matt Fuller

[00:45] An introduction to our guest, Angela Alioto, an extremely accomplished individual with a history of significant legislative wins. She fought the big-tobacco companies, she fought for increases in AIDS and HIV services and support, and also won the nation’s largest civil rights case against IBC/Wonderbread for discrimination against African American men… to name just a few.

With her background, the case of the Flintstone House may seem trivial but Angela argues it speaks to a very serious issue. She asks: “What happened to the first amendment”?

[05:21] The city is demanding Florence Fang, the owner of the home, have the dinosaurs from her backyard removed. Who has the right to decorate our backyard? Is this a first amendment case of free speech or a case about discrimination? Either way, it’s a troubling idea that we should all be subject to someone else deciding on what we can put in our backyard. Angela also stresses a key point: none of the neighbors have complained!

[07:43] Matt talks about the Town of Hillsborough Architectural Design Guidelines and how well the Flintstones House meets all four of the principles in the guidelines.

[09:26] What the City’s reasoning for reinforcing this is seems to be somewhat inconsistent. There is also no precedent for something like this in Hillsborough. Angela questions the real motives for doing this to Mrs. Fang. Could Mrs Fang’s ethnicity be what’s driving this whole issue?