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Florence Fang responds to the allegations of the City of Hillsborough

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Several large dinosaur models have caused controversy among some local residents. To this end, the City of Hillsborough filed a lawsuit in the High Court of San Mateo County last month, referring to the fact that the house of Florence Fang did not comply with the relevant regulations of the municipal government, requiring the homeowner to dismantle the unsatisfactory requirements pointed out by the city government. Facilities and decorations.

On April 11th, Florence Fang, accompanied by lawyer lawyer Angela Alioto, held a press conference in the “Modern Primitive House”.

As a representative lawyer of Florence Fang, Alioto said that the neighbors complained that the backyard of Ms. Fang had caused nuisance to them. She said that Florence Fang had revived the house that had been idle for many years. Hillsborough should be a well-known Florence Fang. Such a landlord feels very lucky. The prosecution of the sister of the Hillsborough town government is unreasonable, and Ms. Fang is preparing to fight the lawsuit. The main thing is the objection of Hillsborough. It is not entirely about dinosaurs, because they only ask Ms. Fang to use trees to cover the dinosaurs. This makes it difficult for Ms. Fang to understand. They are not completely opposed to dinosaurs. Is it because of Ms. Fang? Is it Chinese? They oppose what Ms. Fang is doing in her own home. Since receiving the complaint, Ms. Fang followed each rule to improve, but Hillsborough still asked Ms. Fang to remove everything.

Florence Fang told everyone that she likes the “Modern Primitive House” and is a good resident of Hillsborough. She is also a good law-abiding national. She likes the quietness and happiness here, but since March, everything has been Changed, some local residents complained to the local government. She actively responded to the complaints and made rectifications again and again, but eventually received court documents asking her to dismantle the unqualified facilities and decorations pointed out by the city. She really doesn’t know why. She told everyone that the United States is a place full of dreams and challenges, and it must meet new challenges every moment.

The architect William Nicholson said that Florence Fang has done a lot of things to wake up this place. It is full of surprises from the inside to the outside, but it suffers from this unfair treatment. This is the unfairness of the other lady.

Florence Fang told everyone that she loves this family very much. It not only brings happiness to her, but also brings happiness and dreams to many visiting friends.

Florence Fang’s representative lawyer submitted the responding documents to the St. Mary’s High Court on April 11.

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