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Flintstone House legal drama: Both sides gear up for fight


HILLSBOROUGH — Accusing the city of harassing and discriminating
against her, the owner of the Flintstone House and her lawyer on Thursday
announced their first step in fighting officials who want the famous house
labeled a public nuisance.

Florence Fang, the 85-year-old retired media mogul who bought the
colorful, bulbous house off Interstate 280 in 2017, on Thursday said she’s
filing a legal brief challenging the city’s claims against her and setting the
stage for a contentious courtroom battle. Fang soon will be filing her own
lawsuit against the city of Hillsborough, accusing officials of violating the
First Amendment, discriminating against her and causing her emotional
distress, Fang’s attorney, Angela Alioto, said Thursday.

“We will respond with a very ferocious counter-claim,” Alioto said during a
media conference that drew dozens of reporters to the iconic house.

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