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Flintstone House furor: Angela Alioto backing owner Florence Fang


Two political players from San Francisco’s past have teamed up to take on
the tony town of Hillsborough in a fight to save the dinosaurs at the
iconic Flintstone House, which local officials have deemed an eyesore.

“I mean it’s the Flintstones! What kind of elitist group of people don’t
understand the Flintstones?” said former supervisor and three-time mayoral
candidate Angela Alioto.

Alioto, who has never been shy about throwing a good line or a legal punch,
is representing the house’s owner, Florence Fang, the much more reserved
but powerful 84-year-old matriarch of the Fang family and former publisher
of the San Francisco Examiner and Asia Week.

At issue is Fang’s very loud makeover of the iconic Flintstone House, a
geodesic jumble of rooms located on a hill overlooking Interstate 280 in
one of the state’s most expensive neighborhoods.

“They don’t want Fred Flintstone as a neighbor,” Alioto said. Read the full story