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Flintstone’s House Is Not Florence Fang’s Primary Residence, But It Is Her


While her client fights for her right to be kooky in her lawn decoration
choices on property that she owns, Florence Fang’s attorney Angela Alioto
gives us a closer look the Flintstone’s House in Hillsborough.

We learned the other week that longtime SF power broker and former Examiner
publisher Florence Fang had retained the legal services of the former SF
supervisor and recent mayoral candidate in her fight against the town of
Hillsborough to keep her whimsical statuary outside the “Flintstone’s
House” near I-280.

Now Alioto took the Chronicle’s Heather Knight on a recent tour of the
property, and one big takeaway from the piece is that this isn’t even
Fang’s primary residence, or her only home in Hillsborough. She lives in a
bigger house nearby, and bought this property two years ago for $2.8
million as a place to throw parties. As Alioto tells Knight, Fang is “very
full of joie de vivre,” and the quirky house designed by architect William
Nicholson in 1976 is “her happy place. This is her fantasy. Read the full story