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Florence Fang counterclaims that the City of Hillsborough is unconstitutional

(Automated translation by Google)

Florence Fang, the overseas Chinese leader, was accompanied by lawyers Angela Alioto and architect Bill Nicholson on the 11th to hold a press conference on the highly-recognized Flintstone House. To counter the case that the City of Hillsborough infringed on the citizenship granted to her by the First Amendment to the Federal Constitution. The press conference attracted more than 30 interviews between Chinese and mainstream media.

Angela Alioto first clarified that the “Modern Primitive House” was not in the name of Florence Fang, but belonged to “Flintstone LLC”. The city government mistakenly listed Florence Fang as the defendant in the lawsuit. And this practice has always been adhered to, and this mistake is clearly easy to correct. Therefore, Florence Fang should file a counterclaim, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests entrusted to her by federal and state laws, and counterattack the city.

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